< br />A new report from Real Clear Investigations shines line on who may be the Ukraine whistleblower, that began this whole scandal weeks ago. And the connections to CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella may (...or may not) shock you. The whistleblower is being interviewed by politicians privately, and Democrats are stopping Republicans from asking questions about him. Apparently, the left fears for his life. Or, maybe it's because of his past...not only did the registered Democrat formerly work for John Brennan AND Joe Biden, but he was Biden's right-hand-man while the former Vice President was manipulating the firing of Viktor Shokin, after Shokin began an investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma. AND, this guy worked very closely with DNC "operative" Alexandra Chalupa, who we now know was working with Ukraine officials to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. It all makes sense now!

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