Can You and Your Dog Survive in the Wild? New TV Show Casting in Atlanta

An Atlanta based dog trainer is looking for the next big reality star. Trace Sargent is creating a reality show where you'd have to survive in the wilderness with just you and your dog. Think you can handle that?

The show, called "The Pack," is currently looking for a network to pick the reality series up but Sargent has opened casting.

According to Sargent:

It’s not about who's the fastest or who's the strongest or even who's the bravest. It’s about that bond and relationship between the dog and the person and how they help each other.

It's also good to not that the dogs participating in the show will be provided food and water. The people, however, will need to find resources and live on their own.

If you think this is a cool concept and want to apply, you'll need to be 21 years or older and your dog will need to be over 1 year old. You can apply at Star K9's website.


Photo: Envato


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